Comprehensive and partnership implementation of investment projects. The real estate market offers
a safe one the form of capital placement. Its tangibility is what attracts investors. For every investor
the manner of entry into investments is known. The question is: what is the exit strategy to achieve expected return on investment?

As METIS GROUP based in the city of Poznań, we see the potential of the real estate market.
We specialize in professional services in the field of developing business plans
and financial consulting for the construction industry. It means only and until we have the required skills
and knowledge necessary to carry out the development investment. More importantly, our successes have their confirmation.

We see a gap in the exit strategy of investors among investors. Therefore, we provide services aimed at: comprehensive implementation of a construction investment. We offer private investors and companies joint investment implementation, which will allow you to achieve real estate income and the expected rate of return from the completed investment.

Zakres współpracy

  • Urban and architectural analysis of real estate.
  • Financial analysis of a potential project.
  • Development of a conceptual design,
  • Investment decision on further processing.
  • Developing a business plan and investment offer for the property owner.
  • Agreement on cooperation or purchase of real estate.
  • Preparation of construction and executive design.
  • Obtaining a building permit Preparation of the construction process.
  • Management of the investment process and sale of apartments and other surfaces.

Partnership investment

 We develop real estate projects on the investor land.

We are responsible for whole investment proces.

The goal of common investment is to combine strengths

and competitive advantage of two parties.

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Inwestycja mieszkaniowa ul. Karolewska | METIS GROUP
Analiza finansowa METIS GROUP


We understand that wealth have to be multiply,

that’s why we offer ours customers investments opportunities.

Presented projects were analyzed by ours experts.

We do not just offer investments. We invest with our

Clients in those projects. It means that we believe in them!

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